2D and 3D animation comparison

2D and 3D animation are both considered effective tools for conveying messages clearly and easily. In fact, 2D and 3D both play important roles and take on their own positions.

In 2D animation, characters, backgrounds, and objects are all drawn or created flat in two dimensions. This means they are viewed from one side and redrawn to show from another angle. 3D animation requires more height, width, and depth. Hence, you can look at the object from any angle.

One key difference is that 2D animation is based on frames while 3D animation is based on movements.

2D and 3D animation comparison

According to experts, the main difference between 2D and 3D animation is that 2D animation is more artistic and 3D animation is more mechanical or technical. 2D animation requires a large number of illustrations and all the frames need to be drawn on the computer or by hand. Besides, 3D animation basically provides a skeleton for manipulation in virtual 3D space.


Take the legendary movie “Tom and Jerry” as an example, 3D cel-shaded animation partly imitates traditional 2D animation. However, the animation is good but sometimes doesn’t fit the type. Some comments are made that the 3D animated movie “Tom and Jerry” looks like a video game.

The movie “The Lion King” has two versions which are 2D animation (1994) and 3D animation (2019). Each version has a different appeal. If the 2D animation impresses with its unique art style, the 3D animation impresses because it looks more realistic.

So depending on your needs and purposes, you can choose the suitable type. In addition, the budget also plays an important role in making decisions.

Making a 3D animation is more difficult than a 2D animation because of the many moving parts involved. To create a 2D animation, you must first create the characters and then animate them

How does 2D animation work?

The illusion of movement is created when individual drawings are sequenced together over time. One second of time is usually divided into 24 frames.


For example, draw a character in the bottom corner of a notebook. The next page shows the character in a different form from the original character. Continue and draw a few pages and then skim them quickly. If it is done correctly, the character will move according to the page-turning action. That is the illusion of movement.

2D animation works that way but with more complexity. It may also take at least a dozen pages to make one second of movement in order to achieve the smoothness of the animation.

How does 3D animation work?

3D animation is a process that requires many skills. Unlike 2D animation which only needs the ability to draw, 3D animation requires technical models.

It is mandatory to use modeling techniques or software in 3D animation. 3D animators can pull data from motion capture to enhance the realism of the animation.

Animation filmmaking process at TVC360

To get such promotional videos, you need to rely on reputable and quality animation companies that can carry out clear and extremely precise processes. In the writing below, have a look at the process of making animated films.

Step 1: Consulting services for customers

When customers come to reputable advertising agencies, the staff is always ready to advise. They will listen to customers’ requests and give initial advice. In this step, consultants understand which products customers need to advertise for their business. Then provide the most effective and economical solutions for customers.

Reputable animation film production units have highly qualified employees and professional handling situations skills, especially enthusiastic and friendly with customers. You can call these units to make sure receive the correct pieces of advice.

Step 2: Discuss and sign the contract

After getting the most correct solution, customers will also know the fee they need to pay for this service. Customers should think carefully and decide whether or not to use the service. Most animation studios will not collect all fees on the first payment, they only ask customers to deposit a certain amount. The contract and deposit amount will be made public with the presence of both parties and full seals.

Additionally, the staff will also be very friendly if you do not decide to sign a contract because these units want to make customers as comfortable as possible.

Step 3: Come up with ideas for animated advertising videos

If companies decide to make movies, they will find animation units to share their ideas. Therefore, the staff should listen to these ideas respectfully to frame the script.

However, staff cannot make an impression on customers if the idea seems to be unfeasible. So the filmmaking units will give sincere suggestions and valuable advice to get better solutions.

Once the script is formed, it will be sent to the customer for approval. This time will not be too long. If this initial script is accepted, the production unit will make corrections to the sentences to help the film better.

Step 4: Start editing the movie

This is probably the most difficult stage. Filmmaking units will edit the film based on the script in step 3. In this step, post-production edits will also be requested by the customer. However, the number of edits is clearly mentioned in the contract and please follow correctly.

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