Animation Production

What type is animation?

According to experts, animation is the art of image animation. Today, this trend is accepted by many people. It is often used in advertising programs, cartoons, or video games…

In fact, film animation is the art of making images appear and move. They are combined together to make the movie more lively. The characters and images are all created based on the available story. In some cases, the images are based on more specific content. People who make animated films are called Animators.


Animation works by using an optical illusion. A sequence of still images is presented in quick enough succession to create moving images. The producer will draw or photograph each drawn still image. Then, continuously capture each small gesture of the model.

Images presented continuously on the screen will create an illusion so movements appear. People call this illusion image retention.

The meticulousness in each movement of the image requires a lot of effort. Therefore, animation filmmakers need to have great perseverance.

How many methods are used in animation?

Hand-drawn 2D animation

Producing 2D animations by using hand to draw. Images and characters are redrawn to create sequential motion.

2D animation using computer

With the development of science and technology, animated films are simplified. The process of drawing and recording image files to the computer has been shortened.  Today, animators choose computer drawing methods. Specialized software is also used to create characters and landscapes.


Stop frame

Stop frame is also known as Stop motion. This method uses models, puppets, or 3D objects. Next, they are captured to create movement and incorporated into the scene. Special effects help this type become popular with many filmmakers. 3D animation producers often choose this method.

3D graphics

This is a method of drawing characters operating in three-dimensional space. It is often created using computer software. Characters or images move in a deep space, hence this gives a more realistic feeling. The combination of technology and 3D graphics is more and more widespread.

The effect of animation in advertising films

Animation production is widely used, especially, in brand promotion campaigns. However, it cannot be denied the success this form brings to businesses:

  • Impressive and beautiful graphics whether it is 2D or 3D animation
  • Easy to change characters or scripts
  • Attract viewers.
  • Well branding
  • Get high scores in communication or social channels

Animated films are considered as the ultimate animation tool in many fields. Additionally, 3D animation production makes a great contribution to the real estate sector. Whether it is 2D or 3D animation, it is easily accepted by viewers.

Animation production process

Consulting Services

The animation production unit will receive information from customers. Next, we will advise on filmmaking services and costs.

Exchange information and sign contracts

If the two parties agree to cooperate, a contract will be signed. Depending on the cost, the manufacturer may ask customers for the percentage of the deposit.

Make a script

After receiving customer information, the filmmaking unit will come up with ideas. Developing a script is very important and requires highly creative ideas, especially in animation video production. Start editing the film after the customer approves the script.


Start editing the film following the available script. The customer is the person who makes the request. In case the requirements specified in the contract are exceeded, the customer needs to agree on filmmaking costs.

Editing the finished product needs to meet customer requirements.

Video handover

After the animation production is completed. According to regulations, customers will pay the remaining costs in the contract.

Benefits of animation in learning

The use of animation in education is becoming more and more popular and has become a new trend today. By turning complex ideas into interesting stories that are easier to understand, animation is used for most subjects and allows to illustrate many different ideas.

If VR is used to present abstract concepts, the combination with AI brings flexibility in explaining complex ideas.

For example, some scientific experiments are often risky if conducted directly to serve the learning process. However, students can visualize those unsafe experiments in animated illustrations. Especially when it is brought into the VR environment for the most accurate practical tests. Teachers can also use 3D animations to explain Math concepts every day.

Educators can also use animation to create engaging lessons and assessments. Historical events are no longer boring because of Animation. The effect of Animation in today’s life cannot be denied. Knowing how to take full advantage of the experiential features of animation and multimedia will create a better working and learning environment. Therefore, many businesses are aiming to introduce products/services, teach and explain processes by using Animation.

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